Testifier Flyer

At MENC, we hope to engage the community to share the testifier voicemail number with elders to record their story. We want our elders to know that we hear them and that help is on the way. Our youth reporters contact all elders who leave their story. They review all stories with the MN Elder Justice Center to take the next step in recommending solutions for each elder who calls. These stories will be shared with the community on upcoming MENC podcast episodes.

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Minnesota Elder Nonviolence Coalition Trailer

Dr. Josie R. Johnson, Professor Mahmoud El-Kati, Sean Burke (MN Elder Justice Center), Mary Jo George (AARP Minnesota), hosts of the MENC Podcast, Carly and Jesse filmed a 60-minute segment to discuss the elder violence crisis in our community. The segment will air on Comcast, Channel 19 St. Paul on August 16 at 5pm.

Producer: Monique Linder, OMG Digital Media Solutions

Director: Bianca Rhodes (Film location: SPNN Studios in St. Paul, MN)

Photo Credits: Bianca Rhodes

Creative Director: Diane Napper

MENC Podcast

The Minnesota Elder Nonviolence Coalition is a grass roots cultural community initiative  that seeks to end all forms of violence against elders of color. To listen to the MENC podcast series with youth hosts Jesse and Carly available wherever you listen to podcasts.